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SNooPy released

The light-curve fitting code used by the CSP, SNooPy (SuperNovae in Object Oriented Python) has been released for general use.
SNooPy released

SNooPy generates light-curves of different decline rates by interpolating on a sparse surface defined by CSP photometry.

The Carnegie Supernova Project has developed an analysis package, written in python, called SNooPy.  It's fundamental use is for fitting TypeIa supernova light-curves using template derived from the CSP uBVgriYJH photometry.  SNooPy can therefore determine distances to SNeIa using any combination of these filters.  More generally, SNooPy includes tools for computing S- and K-corrections, determining galactic extinction, producing synthetic photometry based on filter responses and spectral energy distributions, and general-purpose curve fitting.  The code is available for download here.