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Data Products

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Data Releases From Specific Papers

Note that all data are published under a Creative Commons BY license, granting right to distribute, remix and build upon the work provided the authors are credited for the original creation.

Reference Title/Description Data Files
Lu et al, 2023 Carnegie Supernova Project-II: Near-infrared spectral diversity and template of Type Ia Supernovae

Shahbandeh et al, 2022 CSP-II Stripped Envelope SNe NIR spectra



Martinez et al., 2021 Type II supernovae from the Carnegie Supernova Project-I. I. Bolometric light curves of 74 SNe II using uBgVriYJH photometry CSP-I_SNII_BLCs.tar.gz

Hsiao et al. 2020
Lu et al., 2021
Ashall et al., 2021

Super-Chandrasekhar/2003fg-like Type Ia Supernova: 
Davis et al., 2019 Near-infrared Spectroscopic Diversity of Type II Supernovae Spectra: snII_data.tar.gz
Templates: snII_templates.tar.gz 
Burns et al., 2018 Code/Data used for determining the Hubble constant CSPMCMC at Github
Krisciunas et al., 2017 Photometric Data release 3 (DR3) in one tarball CSP_Photomery_DR3.tar.gz
Stritzinger et al., 2018 SE SN intrinsic color templates
SE lightcurve analysis BOLOtxt_kcorr_newext.tgz
Velocity Profiles VEL_new_FITZ.tgz
SE Photometry CSP-I_SE_SN_photometry.tar
Gutierrez et at. 2017 Spectral Analysis of SNeII

Spectra:  Gutierrez_et_at_2017.tar.gz
SNID templates: templates_SNII.tar.gz

Hsiao et al., 2015 Type Ia supernova iPTF13ebh NIR spectra hsiao_13ebh_nir.tar.gz 
Folatelli et al, 2013 Spectroscopic Data release 1 CSP_spectra_Folatelli+2013.tgz 
Hsiao et al., 2013 Type Ia supernova SN2011fe NIR spectra hsiao_11fe_nir.tar.gz
Stritzinger et al., 2011 Photometric Data release 2 (DR2) in one tarball CSP_Photometry_DR2.tar.gz